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Mindfulness-Based, Body-Centered Psychotherapy

Welcome!  Embarking on the path of healing and self-exploration is an act of daring.  Perhaps the search comes from a place of despair or struggle, yet it is through this gateway of pain that we may find greater meaning and self-compassion.  In the process, we may make a friend we have always longed for- ourselves.

Whatever the impetus, I would be honored to support the journey of self-discovery and change with you.  Often the search for a therapist is daunting, and a conversation can help ease the process.  Contact me for a free consultation to get a sense of what it might be like to work together or give me a call for a phone consultation.  My style is supportive and compassionate, and I have an energetic dynamic style while providing a safe and kind space.  

“I said to the sun, ‘Tell me about the big bang.’ The sun said, ‘it hurts to become.” 

—Andrea Gibson

Contact Me

1800 30th Street Suite 307

Boulder CO 80301

Tel: 720-893-2337

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